Why Dumb & Dumbbell?

About Dumb & Dumbbell

On a rainy Tuesday morning in a local coffee bar, 3 young guys sat down to work on some of their projects. Our young yet experienced minds were flowing with new ideas to start a new project together. Not sure where our dumb ideas were heading, we knew we wanted to give something that makes you smile and motivates you: to kick ass, to get after it, to own your day.

We had been training at the same box for quite some time and were always up for a workout. And we laughed our asses off before, during and after. We train hard and want to stay (and get) in a good shape - but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Life is all about balance. You train hard, you relax. You squat, you eat tacos. You do Murph, you lay on the floor for over 30 minutes not knowing whether you can still get up.

Meet Pieter, Thomas & Sebastian

That is how we came up with the idea of Dumb & Dumbbell: something for everyday athletes that take training sometimes serious, sometimes with a pinch (or a bucket) of salt, but always with a fun attitude. Whether you do sports every day, you have a more relaxed approach to training or you want to be the strongest freaking machine in your community, you will find something in our store to your liking.

Product designs

We poured our dumb yet cool ideas in dynamic and fun designs with a twist. Quality is of utmost importance and we only provide the best that can be worn and/or used for an endless amount of training sessions and over a long period of time.

We add new designs on a daily basis and are always open to new ideas. If you have something you would like us to design, contact us at info@dumbndumbbell.com.

Delivery time

All our products are produced in the USA and printed on demand. So all products are custom made, which means it requires a short time to process, print and ship your order.

During off-peak months orders are processed within 5-6 business days and ready for shipping. During peak seasonal months, orders are processed within 9-12 business days and ready for shipping.