Quality, Fit and Feel

Quality and fit are very important to us. You should not notice the tee you wear unless someone comments on how nice it is. 
This is why chose Bella Canvas t-shirts and tank tops. After trying multiple different suppliers we found that Bella Canvas offers the best quality, fit and feel. It's not bulky, not too short, not too long or tight - it's just right. They also strive to produce their tees responsibly and minimize their ecological footprint at every step of the process. We only have one planet and it's about time to start taking proper care of it. If you want to find out more about Bella Canvas you can do so here
So how do they actually size up? See below  
The happy bunch left to right is:
  1. 5.9" / 180cm, 187 lbs / 85 kg, wearing Large
  2. 6.3" / 193cm, 216 lbs / 98 kg, wearing Extra Large
  3. 5.5" / 168cm, feather-light, wearing Small
The second most important thing, especially when it comes to training clothes is the fit. Now, this is individual, some like training clothes bigger, some smaller. Our clothes are fitted enough to not look baggy but big enough to be comfortable.
Pieter (below) is 5.9"/180cm, 187 lbs/85 kg and wearing large. As you can see the fit is spot on, embracing his arms without choking them. Although some people might be into that too? In that case just get a smaller size. 
Lengthwise we prefer it to be long enough not to expose your underwear if doing overhead movements although we know some people are into that too - again just get a smaller size to show off your jockstraps. 
We may not be smart and we have hard heads but we prefer our tees soft which is exactly what they are. You can wash them over and over but they will still give you that same soft embrace every time you wear it. 
Any more questions, let us know at info@dumbndumbbell.com and we'll get back to you as soon as Pieter is able to lift this! 
Pieter lifting heavy-ish things